Arby’s Loaded Italian sandwich

Arby's loaded Italian sandwich
The very famous Italian sandwich at Arby’s is loaded with thinly-sliced ham, melted Provolone cheese, veggies, and many other delicious ingredients. Basically, It is a toasted bun with cheese, salami, olive tapenade, and garlic aioli.
They Serve this Sandwich with a choice of two dipping sauces:
  1. Original Arby loaded
  2. Traditional dijon

There are a lot of sauces at Arby’s that you can try with this sandwich.




Serving Weight (g)          308

Calories                          630

Calories from Fat            320

Fat – Total (g)                    35

Saturated Fat (g)              12

Trans Fat (g)                       0

Cholesterol (mg)               90

Sodium (mg)                 2370

Total Carbohydrate (g)     49

Dietary Fiber (g)               03

Sugars (g)                        07

Protein (g)                        29



The Prices are Different for a Sandwich and a meal at Arby’s 

  • Only Sandwich          $4.99
  • Full Meal                   $7.49




There are the reviews by the Customers who tried this Sandwich:

“This is my first time trying  Arby’s Loaded Italian. I was hesitant to try Loaded Italian because of the sheer amount of ingredients But I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious this sandwich was.”
“I had the classic Arby’s loaded with a choice of dipping sauces. The original dijon was amazing I really enjoyed the original Arby’s sauce but the original Arby’s was not as good as the dijon sauce.”
“I love Arby’s Loaded Italian because it is a great addition to the menu. And it is loaded with so many delicious ingredients and also served with so many different dipping sauces. although the dijon sauce was good it took the taste to the next level.”


This is the review BY a famous YouTuber on this sandwich





They Have Discontinued this sandwich for serval reasons one of them is they just cut of that particular type of meat from their menu which they were using for this loaded Italian sandwich but maybe they’ll bring it back on the menu after some time for Now you can get a similar Vibe with the loaded curly Fries but sadly it is also discontinued.



What is the length of the Arby’s Loaded Italian sandwich?

This Sandwich is about 8-9 Inches in length which is huge for just one person you can have 1 of these sandwiches to fill your tummy for a half day.

How much is a loaded Italian sandwich at Arby’s?

The Prices are is Different for a Sandwich and a meal at Arby’s 
Only Sandwich          $4.99
Full Meal                   $7.49

What is an Arby’s Loaded Italian sandwich?

As the name suggests “Loaded” has much Italian stuff inside it.

How many calories are in a fully loaded Italian sub from Arby’s?

There are 630 calories in this sandwich and 320 calories from fat which is around 57% of Fat.

How much meat is on an Arby’s Loaded Italian?

It is full of meat and Italian stuff you can say it has around 30% of meat from the total weight itself.

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2 thoughts on “Arby’s Loaded Italian sandwich

  1. It’s sad you had to get rid of this sandwich. I thought it was as good or better than Subway and many of the other mainstream sandwich shops. It was great with Horsey and Arbys sauce. I will continue to enjoy your new offerings but this was a great sandwich just not what most were looking for at Arbys.

  2. Why on earth has Arbys discontinued the Loaded Italian sandwich as that is the only thing I bought in there as it was really good. You have lost some business due to the fact that it is no longer available. Every time I like something they stop making it and that is not good to lose business because you no longer want to make this sandwich. Lots of people don’t care much for just the roast beef but with this loaded italian sandwich it was very good and I would like to have it come back. Will you please bring it back. Thank You.

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