New Arby's hamburger

Arby’s, the king of roast beef, has recently thrown a curveball into the fast-food arena: a brand-new hamburger. Arby’s foray into this territory feels like an epic culinary crossover in a world where the Hamburger reigns supreme. Let’s dig into the good, the bad, and the juicy, from its cost to customer reviews, and answer some burning questions.

Forget what you knew about Arby’s because they’ve just opened the door to Hamburger. Yes, the brand synonymous with roast beef sandwiches is expanding its horizons. But what’s behind this menu twist? Is it a hit or a miss? Here’s everything you need to know.

Arby’s Hamburger Price

The first thing to note is that this isn’t a dollar-menu item. It’s priced in the upper echelons of fast-food burgers, hovering around the $7.50 mark. Why? We’ve got to factor in ingredient costs, labor, and all the overhead of getting a burger from the grill to your mouth. Pricey? Maybe. But before you judge, let’s talk about taste and quality.

Arby’s Hamburger Review

So, how does the burger taste? Scouring through many online reviews, I found that the consensus is 3.7 out of 5 stars. But it gets interesting here: the younger crowd seems to love it more. Compliments often touched on the burger’s unique flavors and satisfying bite, although there were gripes about the cost and size. Let me show you some of the reviews :

“I tried the burger the other day and loved it! I agree quality beef should be enjoyed plain; I’ll make an exception for the abundance of toppings as that is the general burger experience: mad toppings galore! IMO, I don’t like Mcdonald’s, Burger King, Hardees, or Wendy’s burgers; their burgers don’t cut it for me as they did as a child.”


“I rated my Wagyu burger 6 out of 5 stars. I expected it to be a 1/5 experience. I was shocked at how impressed I was, and I’ll be eating a few more of the Wagyu beef burgers before their time is up. I even texted my friend asking if they tried the Wagyu burger yet. I’m going to PayPal them $10 to get a combo and try it themselves; I found the sandwich tasty & wanted my friend to try it ASAP, so I was willing to buy it. 🥳”


“Once in a while, I’ll buy the wagyu beef and Kobe beef and cook my burgers at home; I found the wagyu beef burger at Arby’s to be preferable to cooking my own from scratch. I liked it immensely, and it’s become my jam.”



Final Thoughts

Arby’s Hamburger isn’t just a new menu item; there is an entire menu of flavorful foods. It shows how even the classic fast-food joints are willing to shake things up. While the price may make you think twice, the overall sentiment suggests it’s worth a try.

So, next time you drive by an Arby’s, maybe give that new Hamburger a shot. Who knows? It could be your new fast-food favorite.


Does Arby’s have hamburgers?

Yep, they do! And it’s not just an afterthought; this is Arby’s boldly stepping into new territory, looking to woo more than just the roast beef aficionados.

How much is Arby’s new hamburger?

It’s not your typical budget burger. At around $7.50, it’s positioned as a premium option. The price reflects the costs of making and selling it, from ingredients to labor.

How does Arby’s cook their hamburgers?

Forget mystery cooking methods; Arby’s goes for griddled perfection. This technique gives the patty a flavorful crust, courtesy of the Maillard reaction—fancy, right?

Did Arby’s ever sell hamburgers?

As far as we know, Arby’s last dabbled in burgers before. So, this is uncharted but exciting territory for them.

Is Arby’s hamburger good?

Well, it isn’t very easy. While there’s a lot of love for the taste, there’s also some beef (pun intended) about its price-to-portion ratio.

What is Arby’s new hamburger made of?

While the full recipe is under wraps, it’s a classic setup: a beef patty, fresh lettuce, ripe tomatoes, and standard condiments.


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