Arby’s Happy Hour Menu Review

arby's happy hour menu ordered items by Lucas Peterson

As a writer, I’m always on the lookout for budget-friendly lunch options that don’t compromise on taste or quality. Recently, I stumbled upon Arby’s Happy Hour menu, and let me tell you, it’s a hidden gem for those craving a satisfying meal without breaking the bank.

From 2pm to 5pm, Arby’s offers a verity of items for just a dollar each. Yes, you read that right – sliders, curly fries, shakes, and cookies, all for just a buck each. I decided to give it a try. you can compare same menu items on their full menu as well to to see how cheap the happy hours are.

roast beef slider from happy hours

My first encounter with Arby’s Happy Hour left me pleasantly surprised. With just $4 in hand, I walked away with two jalapeño roast beef sliders, a serving of curly fries, and a cookie. It was a steal, to say the least, and the taste didn’t disappoint either. The combination of tender roast beef, a hint of spice from the jalapeños, perfectly seasoned curly fries, and a sweet treat to end it all made for a satisfying meal that didn’t weigh heavy on the wallet.

Encouraged by my first experience, I decided to revisit Arby’s during Happy Hour once more. I ordered two roast beef sliders and a small value crinkle cut fry, all priced at just a dollar each during Happy Hour. Order took about 5 minutes or so to come out of the kitchen. Not the quickest “fast” food place. Roast beef slider was good. Fries were good.

The food arrive­d hot and delicious. However, the­ sliders are quite small. IF you want to be full, ordering 2 or more would be smart. But the­y make a perfect small me­al or snack.

Arby’s Happy Hour menu with calories

Item nameCalories
Roast Beef Slider200
Jalapeño Roast Beef240
Chicken Slider280
Curly Fries (Small)250
Chocolate Shake (Small)470
Vanilla Shake (Small)440

at the end Honestly, a meal for a buck or two is pretty damn hard to beat! Unless you spend hours on end calculating the exact costs of meals, this actually might be a viable option for those pinching pennies.

for ordering these items before you reach the nearest Arby’s you can visit their main site to place the pickup order, so you don’t wait in lines


When is happy hour at Arby’s?

Happy Hour at Arby’s typically runs from 2pm to 5pm.

What is on Arby’s happy hour menu with prices?

As for what’s on the Happy Hour menu, Arby’s offers classic roast beef, Jalapeño Roast Beef, Chicken Slider, Curly Fries (Small), Chocolate Shake (Small), Vanilla Shake (Small), Cookies.

Are Arby’s happy hour discontinued?

Now, concerning the status of Arby’s Happy Hour, it’s important to note that while my recent experiences indicate its availability.

Does all Arby’s locations offer Happy Hour items?

when it comes to Arby’s locations, it’s worth mentioning that while many offer Happy Hour items, it’s not a guarantee at every location.

Are the Happy Hour portions smaller than regular menu items?

Arby’s doesn’t skimp on size during Happy Hour. The portions are just as generous as their regular menu items

Is the Happy Hour menu available for both dine-in and takeout?

dining in or taking out, Arby’s Happy Hour menu is available for both options.

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