Arby's chicken nuggets

Arby’s chicken nuggets are a popular food item. However, due to its low nutritional value, it is not very healthy for the body. and the chicken inside is cooked in a very specific way, so it often has to be eaten with a knife and fork. In the past, chicken nuggets were made of chicken and bread. Today they are made of chicken, bread, and sauce.

Arby’s new chicken nuggets

A new chicken nugget is being launched by Arby’s. It is called the Chicken Nugget and it comes in four different flavors:

  • Spicy 
  • Sweet
  • Smoky 
  • Garlic Butter

9 pieces premium chicken nuggets

arby’s premium chicken nuggets are a delicious treat that can be enjoyed at any time. They are available in a variety of different flavors and sizes. To make them even more delicious, they come with great tasting sauces to make them even more flavorful

  • Chicken Breast Nuggets

Chicken nuggets sauce

There are many sauces at Arby’s but the nuggets fit best with the following sauces:


  • Tangy Barbeque Sauce 
  • Buffalo Dipping Sauce 
  • Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce 
  • Ranch Dipping Sauce


They are made of chicken, bread, and sauce. The sauce is made from mayonnaise and mustard. The bread is made of wheat flour and water. The chicken is marinated with salt, pepper, and garlic powder.



Serving Size          9 nuggets 

Calories                          470 

Calories From Fat          210 

Total Fat                         23g

Saturated Fat                   7g

Trans Fat                          0g 

Cholesterol                  75mg

 Sodium                   1360mg

Total Carbohydrates       28g

 Dietary Fiber                    2g

Sugars                              2g

Protein                            38g




“I’ve been eating Arby’s for years. My favorite is their chicken nuggets. I like to have them with a side of their famous spicy mustard sauce and garlic bread”.

– Raj

“My first experience with Arby’s was while I was training to become an officer at the US Navy. I had a free meal after my shift and impulsively decided to try out the chicken nuggets. The taste was good but the fat and calories were a bit too much, so I promptly stopped. Fast forward several years later, I started to use Arby’s chicken

– Paul




Arby’s nuggets are available at most of their branches at a cost of 4.49$. but the price may vary in size. I do not know about the other ones but these are surely some of the best in town. And with my current love for nuggets, this is such an awesome deal. The taste and texture of these nuggets would be great in a burger/semi-burger or any type of sandwich that you want to add a little bit to it.


The calories in 9 pieces of chicken nuggets at Arby’s are 470, and calories from fats are 210.


Does Arby’s have chicken nuggets?

We all know that chicken nuggets are a must-have in every fast-food restaurant. But do they really have chicken nuggets? and the answer to this question is “yes”

How many carbs are in Arby’s chicken nuggets?

Total Carbohydrates       28g
Sugars                              2g
Protein                            38g

How much are Arby’s chicken nuggets?

Nuggets are available at most of their branches at a cost of 4.49$.

How many calories are in Arby’s chicken nuggets?

The calories in 9 pieces of chicken nuggets at Arby’s are 470.

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