Arby's cheesesteak
The arby’s philly cheesesteak is the most liked sandwich at the restaurant and it is made with beef steak, melted cheese, and some onions and greens on a chewy French roll. Some people prefer their sandwiches in sandwich form, but if you’re looking to get the most out of your Arby’s experience, I recommend getting them as a cheesesteak.


  • Provolone Cheese (Shredded)
  • Provolone Cheese (cultured pasteurized milk, salt, enzymes)
  • Beef
  • Onions
  • Anticake (potato starch, powdered cellulose)
  • Red and Yellow high flame roasted bell peppers



Serving Weight (g)                  95
Calories                                 600
Calories from Fat                   230
Fat – Total (g)                           25
Saturated Fat (g)                     14
Trans Fat (g)                           0.5
Cholesterol (mg)                     65
Sodium (mg)                        1560
Total Carbohydrates (g)          45
Dietary Fiber (g)                        2
Sugars (g)                                 3
Proteins (g)                              49


“The roll is soft and chewy, and the meat is flavourful and juicy. It’s a delicious sandwich, and Arby’s is a great place to get one. The only complaint I have about the Arby’s Philly cheesesteak is that it doesn’t come with fries. Sometimes I’ll get a side of fries in addition to my sandwich, but if I’m just looking for a quick meal, I’ll go elsewhere.”
“The roll is what makes the sandwich, as it’s chewy and soft, and it absorbs all the sauce and toppings so that it’s an absolute treat to eat. The steak is also delicious, as it’s seasoned but not overly so. It has a little bit of a chew to it, but doesn’t feel like a steak. It’s the perfect blend of soft and hard.
                                               This is the video review of this sandwich


The price of this sandwich is $6.79 which is amazing according to the amount of cheese and meet you are getting on this sandwich.

They also offer full meal in the price of $9.29 which includes sides and fries.



How many calories in Arby’s Philly cheesesteak?

There are 600 calories in the Philly cheesesteak and 230 calories from fat..

How much is Arby’s Philly cheesesteak?

The price is different for both sandwich and meal:
Meal is for $9.29.
just sandwich is for $6.79.

Is Arby’s cheesesteak good?

Yes! the cheesesteak is liked by everyone because it contains good amount of roasted beef which is fully tender and everyone like the meat which is tendered so they can take a bike and enjoy the sandwich.

Does Arby’s make a Philly cheesesteak?

Yes! they do make Philly cheesesteak and they also make the full meal to give their customer extra with just small price increase.

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5 thoughts on “arby’s philly cheesesteak

  1. Bought dour cheesesteaks at the Arby’s on Lohman Ave. Las cruces, NM. Any resemblance between your advert and what we go is imaginary.
    It was well cooked finely chopped meat with cheese and a few small pieces of peppers and cheese on a hot dog bu. It was tightly wrapped so as to squish the bun flat.
    Actually it taste pretty good but more like a plain cheeseburger with decent cheese and meat.
    Definitely to worth seven bucks and not close to advertised. Disappointed, I had hopes.

    1. My experience with this sandwich was not good. I had alot of
      Cheese with a few pieces of
      Meat and onions, one slice of peppers! It was mushy, messy and not pleasing to the eye. I returned the sandwich for a refund

  2. I was so disappointed! The roll was great and it ends there. The beef was cut into small squares, the cheese was running everywhere and tasted like it was watered down. It looks quite different in the commercials and on their pictures. So sad. This is in Grove Oklahoma

  3. Purchased three sandwiches at the old trolley Road Arby’s in Summerville , South Carolina. Was extremely disappointed in what your company calls a cheesesteak sandwich. My mother has been in the bathroom ever since she ate it. The meat was like thick rubber bologna and there was a tiny amount of peppers. I agree with the previous reviews that the only good part to the sandwich was the roll. Arby’s used to be a good place to eat and you could depend on the quality of food. I hardly ever go now and this is the reason. $6.79 for that sandwich is a crime. Would never recommend it to anyone. so disappointed in what used to be a really good fast food restaurant.

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