Arby’s chicken tenders are a great snack for lunch. However, they are not tasty, and their internal structure is quite complicated. So, it is not surprising that they have to be cooked especially. well. If we talk about the meat inside them, it is obvious. 

This is a good thing because this way you can know what to prepare for dinner or lunch and have some options in the kitchen. And if you do not have a grill, then you can cook these chicken tenders on the barbecue! 

They are very different from chicken nuggets some people think chicken tenders and chicken nuggets are the same at Arby’s

It is so easy that even kids can make them at home!





Serving Weight (g)          215 

Calories                           610 

Calories from Fat             270  

Fat – Total (g)                     30 

Saturated Fat (g)              4.5 

Trans Fat (g)                       0

Cholesterol (mg)              100

Sodium (mg)                  1990

Total Carbohydrate (g)       47 

Dietary Fiber (g)                   3 

Sugars (g)                            0   

Protein (g)                          39



  • Chicken Breast Strips 
  • Egg
  • Milk
  • Soy
  • Wheat 
  • Fish (where available)



Arby’s Chicken tender contains 610 calories in 5-piece servings and 360 calories in 3-piece servings. 

270 calories from fat in 5-piece servings and 170 calories from fat in 3-piece servings.


Price of Arby’s Chicken Tender

The Price of 3-piece chicken tender is 3.69$ 


The price of 5-piece chicken tender is 5.19$


Arby’s prime-cut chicken tenders

Prime-cut chicken tenders are a great snack, and they taste really good. However, it is not as tasty as it used to be. This is because the chicken has been processed and cut into thin strips.! You can still have a little bit of the chicken flavor, but it is very subtle. I first tried to make this recipe while I was at home cooking for my family. I thought it would be great to eat on the go with no cooking involved. 

It was actually a huge hit! My son loved eating it with just a few sprinkles of Old Bay


Sauces Served with the chicken Tenders

Arby’s has variety of sauces, but the chicken tenders are served with these following four sauces:

  • Tangy Barbecue Sauce 
  • Buffalo Dipping Sauce 
  • Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce 
  • Ranch Dipping Sauce



How much are Arby’s chicken tenders?

The Price of 3 piece Arby’s chicken tender is 3.69$ 
The price of 5 piece chicken tender is 5.19$

How many carbs are in Arby’s 5 piece chicken tenders?

It Contains following carbs:
Total Carbohydrate (g)       47 
Dietary Fiber (g)                   3 
Sugars (g)                            0   
Protein (g)                          39

How to make Arby’s chicken tenders?

Chicken tenders are made for dipping. chicken tenders are fried and coated with our delicious ranch dressing, then dipped in a crispy, perfectly seasoned breading.

What comes in the prime-cut chicken tenders combo at Arby’s?

Premium chicken cuts fried, and tendered chicken pieces served with buffalo dipping sauce.

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